Vacuum toilets

The Evac Vacuum Toilet looks like any conventional toilet but instead of relying on gravity it creates powerful vacuum to flush the toilet. Water consumption is very low, only 1.2 litres per flush. Because the operation is purely pneumatic, no electrical connections are needed. Evac vacuum toilets animation
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Evac Prestige toilet

Is made of finest porcelain with luxurious Prestige seat and cover. It is available as wall mounted and floor mounted models.

The cover and seat of Evac prestige toilet are made of anti-bacterial urea, which offers an additional protection against wide range of bacteria.  This also makes the surfaces safer to touch and eliminates the unpleasant odors in the sanitary facilities.

The seat of Evac prestige toilet can withstand 280 kg.  It is resistant to cigarette burns and scratches.

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Evac Classic vacuum toilet

Evac Classic in an innovative new model. It is fully pneumatic with extremely effective one-nozzle flush technology with flushing mechanism integrated in the push button. It is very reliable vacuum toilet with only a few moving parts.

All the components are simple and reliable matching with all rival models in terms of functions and sound levels. Maintenance of Evac Classic is easy, time-saving and cost effective. Also the price is competitive.

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Evac Stainless steel vacuum toilet

Evac stainless steel toilet, with shock and vibration proof design, has originally been developed for military use. It is equipped with proven fully pneumatic Evac 910 mechanism with flush memory and vacuum sensor technology. For spare parts Evac grants a lifetime support.

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Evac Squatting toilet

Evac 90 Squatting toilet, with nice Asian design, is made of high quality porcelain. It is also available in stainless steel.

It is a very light, complete package equipped with the same basic mechanism as Evac Prestige toilet.

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